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What is musicJAPANplus?
musicJAPANplus is a web based magazine providing an official outlet for Japanese music information to the English reading community. Started from a personal desire to spread information and overall interest of Japanese music in the United States, musicJAPANplus has expanded into offering information on Japanese culture, as we believe this will increase the readers understanding of Japanese music, its roots, entertainment value, and the workings of the Japanese music industry.

We work closely with our supporting companies in the Japanese music industry to offer straight unbiased information to our readers in order to distance ourselves from fan-based sites and record company websites that provide biased and at times inaccurate information filtered through layers of personal and/or corporate interests.

To bring you this information we receive our information directly from record industry sources in Japan who give us the official green light on carrying their information on musicJAPAN+. Therefore, our artist database may develop slower than other English reading Japanese music sites on the web, but you can trust that the artist information we publish is accurate and official.

Thank you for your readership, and we look forward to sharing our love for Japanese music with you.

What does all that mean?
Everything you see on http://musicjapanplus.jp was authorized by that artist's management/label/official representation. Images are sent to us by said official representatives; invitations to attend shows (for the purpose of writing a report) are extended by the same staff, etc. Special features are also read and approved by staff before they are published. For example:

musicJAPANplus writers attend a MIYAVI concert -> the finished draft is turned over to MIYAVI -> his approved final draft is posted in musicJAPANplus

What you get is a 100% accurate report of exactly what happened at the MIYAVI concert that includes officially authorized photographs from the show. Isn't that awesome?

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